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PT. Visual Indomedia Produksi (VIP Production) is a video production company under EMTEK Group, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are your one-stop-service for your TVC, Fillers, Digital Video, and all of it's sub-genres. We combine visual creativity and sense of marketing to make videos that can represent the best of both digital and corporate worlds.
VIP Production is your partner. We continuously strive to juice our creativity and bring the best way to communicate your message to your designated market target. It can be funny and quirky, emotional and touchy, eloquent and beautiful, smart and sophisticated. We capture your needs and desires, and tailor it into your perfect fit content.


Premium commercial video, with extra production value. Best applicable category for all-platform-TVC.

Best value for commercial video production. Best applicable category for Single Platform video

Standard commercial video production. Best applicable category for low end TV Fillers.

Low end video production for digital platform only.

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